draft minutes SCSI Protocol Working Group Meeting -- November 3, 1999

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Thu Nov 11 12:57:10 PST 1999

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Regarding 5.13:

     <<Gerry Houlder presented a project proposal for Object Based Storage
Command Set (OSD).>>

     I have not objection to the minutes especially since I could not be there
after T10 rescheduled the meeting week. But I think it would be informative to
add an explanation of why the acronym changed from OBSD used in the detailed
proposal submitted. Assuming it has to do with three letter acronyms I think it
would also be informative to mention why OSD was picked over OBS or OBD.

     Again since I was not there I do not know why it was not mentioned that I
have volunteered to serve as technical editor for the project.


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