SE fast-40 supported in SPI-3

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OK now that I have your attention.
SPI-3 has all the timing values that would be required to support a SE
version of a fast-40 SCSI device. If you don't believe me look in table 31
and figure 49 which contain information only for SE SCSI devices. Of course
this will not work and fortunately table 1 does not allow SE drives to run
faster than fast-20.
Interestingly enough no one pointed this out in there letter ballot
comments and the only reason I noticed it was because of a comment Gene
made that annex G was supposed to have been deleted.
I assume no one has any objection to me removing the fast-40 information
|from table 31 and figure 49 of SPI-3 rev 10!! If they do let them stand up
and be stoned.

Bye for now,
George Penokie

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