SPI-3 technical change (part 3)

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While reviewing Brea Technologies letter ballot comments with Bill Galloway
some issues came up that we agreed needed a wider audience before placing
the changes into SPI-3. With the change indicated below an initiator could
issue a task management function to the target during an initiator
connection while running in packetized mode. This is not allowed under the
current rules. The paragraph in section that controls this
behavior is below. The change is marked by << >>.
I plan on putting this change into SPI-3 unless the is objection.

"If information unit transfers are enabled for the connecting initiator the
target shall proceed to a MESSAGE OUT phase. On detecting the MESSAGE OUT
phase the initiator shall begin a PPR negotiation (see ). On completion of
the PPR negotiation the target shall proceed to a BUS FREE phase. If the
first message received by the target during the MESSAGE OUT phase is not <<
a task management message or >> a PPR message the target shall change to a
MESSAGE IN phase and issue a MESSAGE REJECT message followed by a PPR

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