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A disproportionately high number of you have had address changes recently 
and are sending me requests to change your address. 

If you are receiving the T10 or T11 mailings on CD or CD_Access as part of 
your membership, telling me is interesting but achieves nothing as I use the 
address provided by NCITS. Here's where to get your change of address made:

     Attn: Txx Membership
     1250 Eye Street NW #200
     DC 20005
     mvago at

The NCITS invoices are due out soon, and last year many of you complained 
about not receiving mailings. The reason was that only the total for 
membership was paid, not the total including documentation. 

 - The committee CD costs $300 and has the plenary mailing. 
 - The committee CD_Access costs $480 and has all of last year, all of 
   the year to date, plus email, plus drafts of all the standards. 

Be sure to tick one of the above and add it into the total you want your 
accounting department to pay. If you ordered direct from ENDL to get a site 
license or for the High Performance Edition you are invoiced separately. In 
that case, you do not need to pay the documentation fee on the invoice.

NCITS used to be very forgiving and send CDs to members which had not yet 
paid for the coming year. That will no longer happen. Come 2000, members who 
have invoices unpaid at the time of a mailing do not receive a CD and their 
membership goes into jeopardy. 

All the best,


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