Draft Minutes of T10 Plenary Meeting #34 -- November 4, 1999

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<<At one time RBC was targeted for 1394. The editor of 1394 has indicated 
that 1394 would be progressed in ISO/IEC but I am not aware of IEEE having 
taken any action to make that a fact.>>

Draft standard IEEE P1394a passed its recirculation ballot and has been 
submitted to the IEEE-SA REview Committee (RevCom). The next RevCom meeting 
is near the end of January, 2000. One hesitates to second guess the outcome 
of a future event, but the likely outcome of the meeting is the rataification 
of IEEE Std 1394a-2000 as an approved national standard.

Once the work embodied in IEEE P1394a is approved as a standard, action will 
be initiated to combine the body of IEEE Std 1394-1995 and IEEE Std 
1394a-2000 into a single international standard. I expect this progress to 
commence in February.


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