Discussion of FCP-2 login requirements for ELS, Revision 1

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I'm confused.  I've always consider LOGO as the compliment to PLOGI.  We
don't PLOGI into FFFFFE so why is there even a discussion about sending LOGO
to FFFFFE?  Also,  I would reword Steve's statement a little.  He said
"...17.5 and 15.4.8 *appear* to mean the LOGO only applies to N_Ports..."  I
think 17.5.1 is pretty explicit that LOGO is for N_Ports.

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SteveB wrote:

> Since FC-FS 17.5 and 15.4.8 appear to mean the LOGO only applies to
N_Ports, current Fabric implementations may reject LOGO to FFFFFE and leave
the N_Port logged in.  I think that FC-FS should make it clear what the
response of FFFFFE is to LOGO.  If LOGO to FFFFFE does log off the N_Port,
it is a change from current behaviour.

Current behavior on all fabrics?  Since there are no "clear" words, it could
be implemented
one way or the other. I think it should be allowed.

It's kinda like you telling someone "I'm leaving now" and they say "I object
to you leaving" and you say (using Dal's language) "<finger> you, I'm
leaving anyway!"

Yeah, I know, the fabric has to handle the case of the node just
"disappearing" anyway, but it's just as easy to send an accept as it is a


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