Discussion of FCP-2 login requirements for ELS, Revision 1

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at EBay.Sun.COM
Wed Nov 17 10:37:14 PST 1999

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>Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 22:45:20 -0600
>From: David Peterson <dap at storage.network.com>

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>Subject: Re: Discussion of FCP-2 login requirements for ELS, Revision 1
>The payload of the FDISC/ACC is identical to the payload of the
>FLOGI/ACC so I don't see why a PLOGI to 0xFFFFFE is required or

It is possible that a PLOGI is not required to perform the FDISC to
FFFFFE.  What do you folks think?

>Never seen a PLOGI to 0xFFFFFE either (yet);

Normally, the only commands ever performed to FFFFFE are FLOGI, and normally
only to perform the address assignment and resource assignment.  All the
name server stuff and other communications go to another node.  If you were
to attempt to perform some node oriented ELSs or some ULPs (CT or TCP/IP),
I would expect that you would have to perform a node login.  Is there
someplace in the standard that either prohibits such actions or
allows ULPs to a non-logged-in node?

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