draft minutes SCSI Physical Working Group Meeting -- November 1-2, 1999

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Tue Nov 16 09:48:42 PST 1999

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Thanks for your comments.  I've prepared 99-308r1 with the changes noted


At 11/11/1999 01:35 PM , Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com wrote:
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>Regarding 5.15: <<Larry Lamers and Gene Milligan asked that a new agenda
item be
>added to future agendas with no name or document number and the title
>Testing and Methodology".>>
>     It is correct that we did this but not concerning 5.15. The comment w=
>made regarding 5.17.

Moved under item 5.17

>The minutes concerning future working group meetings fail to mention that
>Evans and Gene Milligan again registered the complaint that the working gr=
>had been scheduled in conflict with the long scheduled T13 ATA/ATAPI meeti=
>When the ATA/ATAPI projects were split out from T10 and T13 was formed it =
>understood that T10 and T13 would cooperate to avoid schedule conflicts.

I added the following paragraph to the minutes:

"Gene Milligan and Mark Evans noted that the December 2-3 meeting is in
conflict with a T13 meeting.  John Lohmeyer said that since T10 had
approved the December 2-3 meeting at its last meeting, the issue would need=

to be resolved at the T10 meeting on Thursday.  (Chair=92s Note: T10 did no=
elect to change this meeting.)"

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