draft minutes SCSI Protocol Working Group Meeting -- November 3, 1999

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Fri Nov 12 07:40:01 PST 1999

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There was not much discussion on the acronym in the meeting.  I proposed
OSD to Gerry when I was formatting the draft project proposal and asked him
if he preferred some other TLA (Three-Letter Acronym).  Gerry thought OSD
was fine, so we didn't discuss it further.  I am still open to other TLAs.
Let me know what you want.

And, yes, it was mentioned that you had volunteered to be the Technical
Editor -- just didn't get recorded in the minutes.  (I'll be glad to accept
your offer once the project is authorized.)


At 11/11/1999 01:57 PM , Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com wrote:
>Regarding 5.13:
>     <<Gerry Houlder presented a project proposal for Object Based Storage
>Command Set (OSD).>>
>     I have not objection to the minutes especially since I could not be
>after T10 rescheduled the meeting week. But I think it would be
informative to
>add an explanation of why the acronym changed from OBSD used in the detailed
>proposal submitted. Assuming it has to do with three letter acronyms I
think it
>would also be informative to mention why OSD was picked over OBS or OBD.
>     Again since I was not there I do not know why it was not mentioned
that I
>have volunteered to serve as technical editor for the project.
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