draft minutes SCSI Physical Working Group Meeting -- November 1-2, 1999

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Thu Nov 11 12:35:25 PST 1999

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Regarding 5.15: <<Larry Lamers and Gene Milligan asked that a new agenda item be
added to future agendas with no name or document number and the title "Physical
Testing and Methodology".>>

     It is correct that we did this but not concerning 5.15. The comment was
made regarding 5.17.

The minutes concerning future working group meetings fail to mention that Mark
Evans and Gene Milligan again registered the complaint that the working group
had been scheduled in conflict with the long scheduled T13 ATA/ATAPI meeting.
When the ATA/ATAPI projects were split out from T10 and T13 was formed it was
understood that T10 and T13 would cooperate to avoid schedule conflicts.


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