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	Hello Sheldon,

I have the same issue as you : I'd like to know the configuration of
each device on my SCSI bus. Although I would find it's convienient to
have this information stored in a mode page, I agree to say this is not

My opinion is that you are communicating on the SCSI bus through a SCSI
controller (or its bios or its drivers). The negotiation is decided by
the controller and the controller knows the result. If you need to know
the result of the negociation, you have to ask to the controller (or its
bios or its drivers).

The issue is that there is no standard way to read this information from
the controller.

Please let me know how you solve your issue. I am very interesseted.


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> The real problem is that I (at the application level) must query the O/S which
> currently doesn't tell me what speed things are running.  I have no access to
> messages or states of any bus signals.  I am also interested in the speed
> negotiated between my adapter and the device.
> The main thing I need to know is has anything happened to the bus to make it run
> slow.
> If I had access to the negotiation speed of devices on the bus I could determine
> if the bus is running slower than that device could run.  This would provide
> feedback as to a problem.  I can do an Inquiry to determine if there are any
> single ended devices on an LVD bus which would force it into non-LVD, but I
> can't see the terminator.
> Thanks
> Sheldon
> Richard Moore <r_moore at> on 11/04/99 12:27:29 PM
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