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The room block at the Marriott in Surfers Paradise extends from Saturday to Saturday and some of you have already made reservations for Friday and Thursday. 

To arrive on Saturday, you leave here on Thursday because the dateline skips a day and Friday disappears (you arrive back the same day you leave). 

Some of you have already discovered the Marriott wants you to only use the form in the ANN_M035.PDF meeting notice to make the reservations. 

 - If you book in any other manner you will be charged a meeting fee 
   of $250 because your nights do not get credited to ENDL. 

Travel agents and Marriott booking services (800 number here in the U.S.) all take a percentage, and the deal I made is directly with the hotel. Also, the T10 custom of burying meeting fees inside the room charge is not a 'normal' group method for this hotel and the faxed form is part of the control system to make sure everything is structured. 

Don't come complaining about the meeting fee if you booked some other way, it has been on the meeting notice all along.

REMEMBER THE DATELINE, our November 10 is Australia's November 11 so make sure you fax your reservation before that date. 

Remember, this is peak holiday season on the Australian Riviera, and we are at the hotel rated as the best resort in Australia for the last four years, and the room rate is approximately half the rack rate. 

All the best,


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