Status of ATAPI as a SCSI transport?

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><<This confusion comes from the fact that if someone
>looks at the SCSI documents they find that SCSI has several "transports",
>such as, SPI, FC, 1394, but there is no reference to ATA/ATAPI.  How can
>this be fixed and when will this be fixed?>>

>     I think you are mistaken Hale. My recollection is that MMC has a
>clause or an annex, I forget which, specifically dealing with the use of
>the ATA/ATAPI transport.

Why then does the ATAPI inquiry retun data violate the SCSI standard?

ATAPI states to have SCSI-1 compliant reponse data. It this was correct,
you were not allowed to set the page format bit in mode select.

It caused me pain to make my SCSI transport lib deal with this silly deviation
|from the SCSI standard. In general, an application should not need to know
whether a drive is ATAPI or vanilla SCSI.


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