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> } 4) If a target "thingy" needs to identify an initiator "thingy" regardless
> } of initiator or target ports how is it done? 
> No SCSI standard is allowed to place a requirement on "thingies" that would
> result in the need for a "thingy" to do this.

However, there are some very nice Fibre Channel functionalities that allow
targets to capture a list of attached initiator ports, though not to 
establish information about relationships among the initiator ports.
The FC login procedure allows devices to recognize the node and port
WWN of all attached nodes.  The PRLI allows the ports to be identified as
targets, initiators, or dual function.  The name server allows unknown
devices to be identified as a function of their capabilities (although on
a private loop the name space is small enough to be searched exhaustively 
without a name server).

The relationships among the initiator ports are established in FC by
hunt groups for those gluttons for complexity.

For those without such masochistic tendencies, the definition of relationships
among initiator ports is outside the standard and is typically managed by
operating system and application software.


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