2 TByte Barrier

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Thanks very much to George Penokie and Jim McGrath for the comments
and IBM story.

Just as a point of reference with regard to this comment from George:

> ... Yes, 2 TBytes is allot of data under one logical
> unit but 10 years ago putting 1 Gbyte in one logical unit was inconceivable.

12" WORM optical disks available in late 1984, and more reliably in
1985, used 1 GByte removable media.  Kodak's 14" WORM drives available
in 1987/1988 used media with a capacity of 3.4 Gbytes per side.

There are probably other examples as well, and I don't intend to start
a cavalcade of comments that distract from the point being made.
However, I wanted to provide just a bit of history.  Thank you.
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