Discussion of tape alert behavior for SSC

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Tue May 11 11:19:28 PDT 1999

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At present, tape alert conditions are cleared and not re-established
whenever the tape alert condition is sensed.  This prevents the
possible filling of logs with conditions that may be present for
a long time, but would otherwise have no effect on normal operation.

I have recommended that tape alert conditions not be cleared until
the underlying cause is corrected.  My reasoning is that there may
be a significant number of independent processes and distributed hosts operating
with a tape device, each of which should become aware of the 
problem being presented by the tape alert condition.  Individual
processes could then choose to log or not to log duplicate conditions.

A sort of compromise would be achieved by treating tape alert as
a unit attention  would be treated.  That requires that the tape
alert be presented once for each requesting initiator, but assumes that
within an initiator, all processes that need to know will be 
informed of the problem by the process that obtained the tape alert

What do you folks think about this?

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