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Howdy All,

I have uploaded the following files to the T11 web site:

99-069v2.pdf - FC-TAPE Revision 1.15
99-092v2.pdf - FC-TAPE Letter Ballot Comments

After spending most of the day trying to get the Frame source to convert
to a PDF with
bookmarks and reflect the proper text in the Frame source; I gave up and
a PDF of rev 1.15 without bookmarks for review.
I have been unable to generate a PDF with bookmarks that reflects the
text in the Frame source.
In viewing the generated file containing bookmarks, lines at the right
of the page are missing
characters and the text in the index is jumbled. Using the Acrobat
PDFWriter the text is correct.
I am using Frame 5.5.6 in Windows 98. If anyone has any ideas please let
me know.
Also, I changed the text to bold for the letter ballot comments so it
will be easier to view
(when converted from a text file using Word to a PDF).

Dave (experiencing the wonders of editing) Peterson

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