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I would like to see only ULP timers defined in FCP-2.  All of the low level
Fibre Channel specific timers should be defined in the FC-PH/FC-AL
documents.  If you pull the low level timers out of the FC-PH/FC-AL
documents then it will become easier for someone developing the
hardware/firmware to overlook the requirements for these timer.  It also
becomes harder to follow the requirements for implementing Fibre Channel if
you separate these.

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	Question 1)  Timers

	At present, the definitions of timers associated with various
	mechanisms are scattered across several documents, including FC-PLDA
	FC-TAPE and some of the FC-PH and FC-AL documents.  Should FCP-2
	over the specification of the timers on behalf of FC-PLDA and
	using only those defined by FC-PH without specification?

	If so, the stuff now in FC-TAPE, section 7 would be the basis for a
	corresponding new section in FCP-2.

	I feel that FCP-2 should take in these definitions, since it is
	in the recovery procedures.

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