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At 3/17/99 11:20 AM, Gene_Milligan at wrote:
>     I don't know if the following is a general question, a question for
>Bob Snively, or a question for John Lohmeyer the Chair. When will the FCP-2
>draft go under normal T10 revision control?


By 'normal revision control', I assume you are referring to the practice
sending proposals to the T10 plenary for approval prior to putting them in
a working draft.  In particular, we have used this practice on SPI-n,
SPC-n, and SAM-2.

I do not believe this practice is required by the NCITS rules, and forgive
me if I'm wrong, I don't believe that the T10 procedures require this
practice except on stabilized working drafts.  I believe that the practice
generally has been followed on those projects where the technical editor
has insisted on it.  

In the case of the less formal procedure, a new working draft ought to be
formally accepted (or not accepted) by T10 as the current working draft for
the project.

I would like to continue the custom of letting the project editor decide on
how formal he/she wants to operate.  Obviously, T10 could vote to demand
the more formal treatment should T10 decide that the project editor is
operating too loosely.  Personally, I do not think we have a problem here.


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