FC-TAPE Minutes March 1999, Harrisburg PA.

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So the proposal for these ten (10) vendor unique pins - 

This will make it easier for systems and subsystems integration amonst my 6
- 10 tape storage suppliers???  If it makes integration or interoperability
more difficult - explain to me why this is something I would even want to

     8. T10 New Business: Group 
     Fibre Channel Tape Connector: Stewart Wyatt
     Stewart Wyatt, HP, reluctantly took the floor to discuss a connector 
     proposal that he had forwarded to the SFF committee. The current 
     SFF-8067 connector does not have adequate 5 volt power capability and 
     so cannot be used for 5 1/4 form factor tape drives. Stewart proposed 
     using the 68 pin connector of the same family as the 40 pin SFF-8067 
     connector to provide additional power lines while retaining the 
     functionality of the original 40 pins. Stewart's proposal also 
     included ten vendor unique pins to provide a connection to a library 
     controller. What proved to be most controversial was changing the pin 
     ordering defined on the SFF-8067 connector to make it easier for tape 
     vendors to connect their gigabit serial signals to it. The 8067 
     specification has both receiver pins at one end of the connector and 
     both transmitter pins at the other end of the connector. Both 
     integrated and discrete transceivers would logically group the 
     receiver and transmitter pins for each port together at the opposite 
     ends of the connector. A formal proposal will be circulated on the 
     Fibre Channel reflector before the next meeting.

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>      Joint T10/T11 FC_TAPE AdHoc Meeting                          
>      T11/99-147v0
>      March 9, 1999 Harrisburg Pennsylvania
>      Stewart Wyatt, HP, Secretary
>      1. Introductions: Group
>      Dale LaFollette called the group to order shortly after 1 Pm and had 
>      the group introduce themselves. A severe winter storm was in progress
>      in the midwest. This had delayed the arrival of some of the 
>      participants. Dave Peterson, StorageTek, the editor was unable to 
>      leave Minnesota because of the storm and missed the meeting.
>      2. Approval of this agenda: T11/99-115v0 Group
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