Draft Minutes of SPI-3 Working Group - March 9, 1999

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Wed Mar 17 10:49:17 PST 1999

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After humbly and graciously thanking the secretary for the essentially
thankless labor, could we in the future save space by omitting useless
statements like "and eventually agreed" from the minutes?

<<Larry Lamers reviewed reported objections to proposed changes to the
packetized protocol that would eliminate the known-length feature of the
packetized protocol. >>

     I think some wires got crossed. Perhaps "Larry Lamers reviewed
motivation for proposed changes to the packetized protocol that would
enhance flow control."

<<by added a CRC Interval>>

     Change to "by adding a CRC Interval" or to "by an added CRC Interval"

<<The group agreed to defer a SPI-3 review to the next meeting.

Chair's note:  George Penokie was able to begin the review process after
the SCSI working group meeting, which ended earlier than expected.>>

     I think all of this should be replaced with "Part of the draft was
reviewed to confirm changes and to resolve Editor's Notes. The next working
group is targeted to put a priority on the draft review."


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