TASK SET FULL Definition(s) in FC-TAPE and SAM-2

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George Penokie wrote:

>The is a significant difference on how an initiator is supposed to respond
>to a BUSY vs a TASK SET FULL status.
>A BUSY only tells the initiator that the command could not be received by
>the target and the initiator should try again later. There is no indication
>as to how much later from the target.
>A TASK SET FULL also tells the initiator that the command could not be
>received by the target and that in initiator should not try again until it
>receives a command complete indication from a currently outstanding
>command. So in the case of a TASK SET FULL there is an indication from the
>target as to when the initiator has a chance of having the command
>This difference is important because the way most initiators respond to
>BUSY is to immediately resend the command which has the effect of clogging
>up the SCSI bus with needless activity. Where as TASK SET FULL causes the
>initiators to hold back resending the command thus reducing traffic on the
>SCSI bus.

George, while I agree with your definitions, I cannot find any statement in
any of our standards (or proposed standards) supporting that definition of
TASK SET FULL.  For example, SAM-2 revision 9 (page 41) merely says:

TASK SET FULL. This status shall be implemented if the logical unit supports
the creation of tagged tasks (see 4.9). This status shall be returned when
the logical unit receives a command and does not have enough resources to
enter the associated task in the task set.

There is no guidance whatsoever about when or if a command should be resent,
or at least none that I can find.

The description of BUSY specifies "The recommended initiator recovery
action...".  Do you advocate adding corresponding guidance to the definition
of TASK SET FULL?  I believe I recall this subject coming up before, and
being sufficiently controversial that it was abandoned.  It would be nice if
it could finally be resolved.

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