SPC-2 Revision 9

Ralph O. Weber ralphoweber at csi.com
Wed Mar 17 02:56:27 PST 1999

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I have placed SPC-2 revision 9 on the FTP site in


Revision 9 incorporates the following T10 approved proposals:
  98-184r6	Echo mode for READ/WRITE BUFFER
  98-188r2	Method for defining very long command blocks
  98-246r1	“May not” clarifications in SPI-3
  99-110r1	SCSI Version Proposal Flavor Three for SPC-2
  99-130r1	Changes to Inquiry
  99-146r1	Correction in interaction of persistent and legacy reservations

99-110r1 offered substantial room for editorial rework and the I made
several changes including assigning specific code values to all the
approved standards mentioned in the Scope clause of SPC-2.  I have asked
for working gropuu time to review these changes at the May meetings.
To prepare for this review, you should inspect the defintion of the
standard Inquiry data in 7.4.1 and the last several pages of Annex C.

References to approved ANSI standards have been changed to match the 
notation used in the T10 project list, the use of dashes has been 
replaced with colons.

The definition of ‘reserved’ has been changed to use the phrase "... are 
not required to check ...".  A protocol identifier field has been added 
to the protocol specific mode pages (18h and 19h), with 0=FC, 1=Parallel, 
and others assigned by the project editor.  The communications device 
document references have been changed from SSC to SCSI-2, since the 
communications device definition will not appear in SCC.



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