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          Subject:  Y2K Meeting 

As host of the January 2000 T10 meeting, I need to get as much information 
to you ASAP because space is already at a premium down under. There are 
people from all over the world headed down there to be amongst the first in 
the world to celebrate in 2000 plus this is the peak holiday season for 
Australians themselves.

T10 may be the only group at the Marriott Surfers Paradise. We made it under 
the wire before the hotel realized it didn't need to offer any incentives to 
be there in January 2000. Our room rate including conference rooms is about 
half the current going rate for space. 

All your plans have to be decided upon early because it will be difficult to 
get last-minute seats on planes, and it is almost certain there won't be any 
hotels available in the primary tourist locations. 

Some hotels have introduced a requirement of non-refundable minimum 3-day 
stays during the Christmas-New Year period and that may compound getting 
rooms for the tour that is suggested below. I know the Treetops has that 
restriction, which is why we head up there in late afternoon Jan 1. We do 
not have confirmation back yet. 

Accommodation on Hamilton Island and Dunk Island could be a real problem 
because of only two nights so we need to know as quickly as you can give it 
to me if you have any interest in this tour. 

We need at least 30 commitments to make this tour viable according to the 
agent. It starts up north and takes you down the coast with a good slice of 
the Barrier Reef plus the rainforest. 

Our drop dead date for commitments is mid-May, but don't wait until the last 
minute to let me know. If it looks like there is no chance of getting that 
many together by month end then I'll tell the agent to stop pushing these 
hotels for favors. Similarly, if there is any chance of going over 30 then I 
need to advise the agent so more space can be booked. 

Payment will have to be made early as well, the only way to be nail this 
whole thing down is cash on the barrelhead. 

Australia is a big place...., about the same size as the lower '48. 

Port Douglas to Hamilton Island is around 400 miles. We are flying from 
Hamilton to Brisbane because that's probably another 600 miles and what 
there is to see on that stretch is a long way apart. Tours do not normally 
operate in the first week of January, so this is a special for T10 that is 
being put together. We only have one long coach travel day, and that is from 
Dunk Island to Townsville. 

Check those mileage accounts.... You can fly to Cairns with QANTAS (AA 
partner) or into Sydney and then on Ansett (UA partner). It is a 13-hour 
flight from LAX or SFO. If you are coming to the meeting and don't stay at 
least a week on one side or the other you will be beat.... 

Cairns to Port Douglas <50 miles north of Cairns) at about 1500 or 1600.

Overnight Port Douglas (Radisson Treetops)

Full day outer Barrier Reef Cruise on the Quicksilver Wavepiercer including 
morning and afternoon teas, smorgasboard lunch, snorkel gear, coral viewing 
|from underwater observatory & semi-submersible. 

Overnight Port Douglas (Radisson Treetops)

Daintree and Cape Tribulation or Undara Lava Tubes tour.

Overnight Port Douglas (Radisson Treetops)

Port Douglas to Mission Beach via Atherton Tablelands including Skyrail, the 
longest (7.5km) gondola cableway in the world travelling over the rainforest 
canopy to Kuranda. Launch/water taxi from Mission Beach to Dunk Island.

Overnight Dunk Island (tbd)

Full day tour to Outer Barrier Reef including morning and afternoon teas, 
lunch, snorkeling etc. This vessel is also under sail so you could forego 
the one is Port Douglas for here if you wish.

Overnight Dunk Island (tbd)


Launch/water taxi from Dunk Island to Mission Beach and then coach to 
Townsville. There is a possibility of visiting a working cattle ranch on 
this run, but for the most part it is a long day's drive. 

Overnight Townsville (tbd)


Townsville to Airlie Beach/Shute Harbour. Launch/water taxi transfer to 
Hamilton Island.

Overnight Hamilton Island (tbd)


Full day sole charter of a catamaran approximately 60 feet long and 30 feet 
wide for cruising around the Whitsundays. Includes morning and afternoon 
tea, lunch and snorkeling.

Overnight Hamilton Island (tbd)


Fly Hamilton Island to Brisbane and coach/taxi/rental car down to Marriott 
Resort in Surfers Paradise 

The estimate on this tour is 'under A$3,000' which at the current exchange 
rate is $1,850. There will be a rider for single accommodation that is 
undefined until the hotels are committed but could be around $400. 

Inclusions are:
    a.. Transfer from Cairns to Port Douglas
    b.. Round trip transfer Hotel/Port Douglas Marina/Hotel
    c.. Coach from Port Douglas to Mission Beach via Atherton Tablelands
    d.. Exclusive use of coach from 06 Jan to 08 Jan
    e.. Skyrail from Cairns to Kuranda
    f.. Three night accommodation at Port Douglas on a room only basis
    g.. Two nights accommodation on Dunk Island including Breakfast
    h.. One nights accommodation in Townsville on a room only basis
    i.. Two nights accommodation on Hamilton Island including breakfast
    j.. Barrier Reef cruise from Port Douglas including morning and 
        afternoon teas and lunch
    k.. Barrier Reef cruise from Dunk Island including morning and 
        afternoon teas and lunch
    l.. Return launch/water taxi transfers to Dunk Island
    m.. One way launch /water taxi transfer to Hamilton Island
    n.. Sole use charter of Catamaran from Hamilton Island
    o.. Economy class air fare Hamilton Island to Brisbane 

There is a wide variety of things to do for those who arrive in Cairns 
early, such as:
    1.. Full and half day river/estuary fishing - A$65 to A$130
    2.. Reef fishing approx. A$120
    3.. Horseriding approx. A$70 for half day
    4.. Hot air ballooning approx. A$180
    5.. White water rafting approx. A$150

Deep sea fishing is a big deal in Cairns but I have no information on it. 

It looks like the Australian politicians are going to introduce a General 
Sales Tax (despite an overwhelming percentage of votes against it last year) 
and if that happens the tour prices will be raised accordingly. 

To get you started on the Web for information, here are some URLs which can 
get you started.

     Queensland Index
     Queensland Australia guide to tourism, travel and leisure
     Found at: http://secure.webstor.com/~atn/qldindex.htm

     Cairns OnLine
     A tidy page of resources for the Australian city of Cairns
     contains links to tourist information, accommodations,
     attractions, businesses and real estate. Access a related
     discussion room from here.
     Found at: http://www.cairns.aust.com

     Tropical North Queensland Region
     A dazzling Web display of Cairns and North Queensland attractions
     contains enough images and information to send you packing today.
     It points out fun things to do, places to see and ways to get
     there. Access travel agencies for online reservations.
     Found at: http://www.qttc.com.au/pfm/sites/0000652/main.htm

     Australian Picture Gallery: Cairns
     Wonder what the Queensland city of Cairns has to offer for
     scenery and attractions? Feast your eyes on this photo album for
     a glimpse of such places as Cairns Harbor, Green Island and
     various locations within the city.
     Found at: http://www.twi.ch/~e4stofe1/aus/cairns.htm

     Islands of Queensland / Pacific Destination Center 1-800-227-5317
     Islands of Queensland Offered by: Pacific Destination Center GENERAL
     INFO.. 20-page color brochure DESTINATIONS / ATTRACTIONS..
     Australia,Great Barrier Reef,Cairns Lizard Island,Green Island,Dunk
     Island,Bedarra Island,Hinchinbrook Island,Orpheus...
     Found at: http://www.wwb.com/brochure/b002029.html

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