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Sat Mar 6 14:26:29 PST 1999

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I need to build a database of intended tour commitments so please fill in 
the following and send it to me ASAP if you are interested (there is no 
credit card info so you're safe from charges at this time). 

   To:  endlcom at ibm.net
   Please sign us up as planning to take the y2k tour from Port Douglas 
   to Hamilton Island from January 1-9 prior to the T10 meeting in 
   Surfers Paradise January 10-14, 2000. I understand the tour will cost 
   no more than $2,000 per person at current exchange rates. 

   Number of Seats: ___ 
                                        Rooms -   Share    Require 
                                                  Double   Single
   Traveler #1      ____________________________    ___     ___

   Traveler #2      ____________________________    ___     ___

   Traveler #3      ____________________________    ___     ___

   Traveler #4      ____________________________    ___     ___

   Traveler #       ____________________________    ___     ___

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