Data field size of intermediate data groups

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There seems to be a simplifying restriction, which may be common
practice, about the size of data fields in intermedidate data groups,
i.e. data groups that do not end a DT DATA IN or DT DATA OUT phase.
If the data fields in such intermediate data groups all are required
to have modulo 4 size, at least some implementations would benefit
|from reduced logic cost and improved performance. In other words only
the last data group in a DT PHASE would ever contain a (0 or 2 byte)
pad field.

Can any reasons be put forth for why such a requirement on the data
field size of intermediate data groups is undesirable? If not I will
write a proposal for future consideration.

SPI-3 Rev. 2:
> Data group format
> Each DT DATA IN phase and DT DATA OUT phase contains one or more data groups.
> A data group consists of a data field followd by a pad field, and then
> followed by a CRC field. The number of bytes transferred within a data
> group shall always be even and a multiple of four.

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