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Hi all,

I've made the following changes to the T10 agenda for the March 11th meeting:

Deleted (per request by Louis Grantham):

  9.2  Single-Ended Termination Change (98-220r0) [Grantham]

Added (per request by NCITS):

  10.3  Recommendation that NCITS reaffirm ANSI/ISO 9315:1989 [1994]
Interfaces between flexible disk cartridges and their host controllers

  10.4  Recommendation that NCITS reaffirm X3.131:1994, Small Computer
System Interface - 2 (SCSI-2)

Obviously, I am assuming that we will want to reaffirm the above two
standards.  In the first case, all we really are recommending is the desire
that ANSI continue selling the ISO standard.


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