Con Call Reminder - Protection for Asynchronous phases

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Mon Mar 1 10:43:01 PST 1999

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	I forgot to put a reminder on date and time!  The con call is
tomorrow, Tuesday,
	March 2, from 9-11 PST (remember, I am trying to get it down to 9-10


> A reminder that there is a con call to review 99-199r0 (which should be
> available on the T10 site), covering protection for information
> transferred
> during the asynchronous information phases (COMMAND, MESSAGE, STATUS).
> Logistically, you should call up 408-894-4600.  You need the meeting ID
> number: 4504.  I would hope that we can finish up in 1 hour, although I
> have
> scheduled the call itself for 2 hours.
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