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>I think we still are disconnected. My issues is whether or not the input
>can be that high not whether or not it can be sourced.


Oh.  If you are concerned about how much current the inputs can safely sink
then you have a design choice.  You are not required to sink >10 mA.  You
are only required to not operate in the shaded area.  You can continue to
meet the existing +- 20 uA specification if you want to.  

All this proposal was intended to accomplish was to relax the + 20 uA
specification above 3 volts for the benefit of those designers that plan to
use 3-volt processes.  When the input signal goes above Vdd, these devices
typically shunt the input signal to Vdd drawing far more than 20 uA.  Wally
pushed for the 100 Ohm slope to minimize signal reflections in this situation.


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