Status of ATAPI as a SCSI transport?

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Mon Jun 21 10:48:50 PDT 1999

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>If someone knows the history of "ATAPI Transport Version (3)", please
>let me know.

I was complaining that if you go to the T10 FTP site and read the basic
SCSI documents like SAM, SPC, SBC, etc, you will find no reference to
ATAPI.  The only place I've found a reference to ATAPI is in the MMC and
MMC-2 documents.  ATAPI should be considered one of the many SCSI phyicial
transports and as such should be referenced in all the appropriate SCSI
documents (not just in MMC/MMC-2).

Another example... In the top level directory at the T10 FTP site there
are some TXT files that provide an overview of the SCSI document set.  The
last time I checked, ATA/ATAPI-4 was not referenced in either of these TXT


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