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Howdy all,

In light of the interest in the Nikkei Fall conference being held in Tokyo 
Sept 21-22, here is an update on what it looks like at this time. To those 
of you who will see multiple copies because you are on so many reflectors, 
my apologies in advance. 

If any of you have an interest in participating, please let me know this 
week, because the deadline on the brochure is Friday.

The brochure goes out in July. It is mailed in the same plastic wrapper as 
20,000 copies of Nikkei Electronics magazine and there will be a direct 
mailing so several thousand more. The brochure includes the following:

- Photographs of speakers 
- Biographies of speakers 
- Listing of Exhibitor companies
- Full-page A4 Advertisements by exhibiting companies

The abstracts will not be in the brochure, they will be at the website.

All the best,


These are the companies exhibiting and/or advertising (an advertisement 
costs $2,600 and exhibiting costs $6,000). 

    ADAPTEC                  Exhibitor 
    COMPAQ                              Advertiser 
    DPT                      Exhibitor  Advertiser 
    DTC JAPAN/BOX HILL       Exhibitor 
    ENDL                     Exhibitor  Advertiser 
    FIBRE CHANNEL COMMUNITY  Exhibitor  Advertiser 
    FUJITSU AMERICA          Exhibitor  Advertiser 
    HEWLETT PACKARD          Exhibitor 
    MTI                      Exhibitor 
    NETMARKS                 Exhibitor 
    ONEOFUS COMPANY LTD      Exhibitor  Advertiser 
    Q LOGIC                  Exhibitor  Advertiser 
    SCSI TRADE ASSOCIATION   Exhibitor  Advertiser 
    VIXEL                    Exhibitor 

Here is a listing of the speakers: 

    Bob Selinger (ADAPTEC)
       I/O and Infrastructure Options for SANs
       Managing SANs from the Switch's Perspective
    Philip Black (BOX HILL SYSTEMS)
       Real Life SAN Applications in Major Organizations
    Mark Lewis (COMPAQ)
       Ensuring the Integrity and Availability of SAN Data
       What is Wrong with SANs
    Roger Cummings (DPT)
       Impact of Standards and Industry Initiatives on SAN and 
       Clustering Architectures
    Mike Fitzpatrick (FIBRE CHANNEL COMMUNITY)
       Interoperability Activities of the FCC
    Mike Fitzpatrick (FUJITSU AMERICA)
       SAN vis a vis NAS
    Rich Lautzenheiser (HEWLETT PACKARD)
       SAN Managability -- A View from the Trenches
    George Penokie (IBM)
       The packetizing bridge between FC and SCSI Parallel
    Kevin J Liebl (MTI)
       ****  No Title Provided Yet  ****
    Yuichi Arai (NETMARKS)
       Security Protection thru Volume Sharing

    Johan Olstenius (ONEOFUS COMPANY LTD)
       Using SCSI XOR commands in Fibre Channel disk arrays
    Skip Jones (Q LOGIC)
       ****  No Title Provided Yet  ****
       SCSI and SAN
    Dave Anderson (SEAGATE)
       Drive features that support managing storage
    Jim Hughes (STORAGETEK)
       Security in a globally accessible SAN
    Jim Hughes (STORAGETEK)
       File System Management in a SAN Architecture
    Ken Hallam (UNISYS)
       SAN Integration: Putting It All Together
    Bill Terry (UNISYS)
       Fibre Channel: Management Implications
    Chris Lyon (VIXEL)
       ****  No Title Provided Yet  ****
    Jeff Williams (WESTERN DIGITAL)
       Next Generation Loop: Multiple Circuit Mode

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