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We are a clearing house for targeted email lists, general lists 
and for advertising !

We have lists of every geographic market in the US.  We have 
attorneys, investors (over 600,000),
stockbrokers, insurance executives, high net-worth individuals, 
CEO's, marketing executives, sales-people, business associations, 
accountants, opportunity seekers, farmers, government workers, 
dentists, veterinarians, entertainment, golfers, gamblers, sports 
enthusiasts, fitness & health freaks, body-builders, just women, 
women's organizations, parents, ,  many many more...

We have large numbers of domain lists like AT&T, AOL, COMPUSERVE, 
EARTHLINK, MCI, Sprintmail and many free services like 
Rocketmail, Hotmail, Juno, and many, many more.

All Our addresses have been run thru the Global remove list, They 
are very clean and up to date. 


We can email 10,000 of Your ads per day for 30 days for just $399 
and host Your website ( or a mirror site) for another $99 a month 
( a one time $199 set up fee does apply, but includes a new 
domain if needed). 
This is a great offer ! 
Here's what We have, 2 name servers plus complete maintenance and 
programming .

1) 2-350mhz pent 2 with 128mb ram) 

2) 2-300mhz mirror backup system

3) Bulk mail capability server based automated mailing program

4) A Script driven, fully automated mailing system that will send 
a preset number of emails for you to any number of individual 
clients each day  (example as 10k per client for 30 clients per 
for 30 days), removes and undeliverable's will be removed from 
lists automatically.

5) We also have multiple 9.2 gig drives and this means we have 
plenty of space for hosting...

To do this was not cheap,  but we owed to ourselves and our 
clients to get the best system possible so that we wouldn't have 
any problems further down the track.

                    WANT US TO JUST MAIL FOR YOU?

We Can Mail For You Now, while these prices last !!!

*First time customer Special !!!

*Advertise to 250,000 people for  $499         SALE $299.00

*Advertise to 1 Million people for $999       SALE $699.00 sale

*Advertise to 2 Million people for $1499        SALE  $999

             (plus 20,000 targeted FREE)

*Advertise to 5 Million people for $2999        SALE  $1999
             (plus 50,000 targeted FREE)

*Advertise to 10 Million people for $4999      SALE    $2999.00   
                     ( the Blast )

                 (plus 75,000 targeted FREE)

*Advertise to 25 Million people for $9999      SALE    $4999.00  
                     ( the  Big  Blast )

                (plus 100,000 targeted FREE)

Targeted Mailing is possible at a rate of $299 per 25,000

     (A $25 set up fee for all mailings under a million)

                             WANT TO DO IT YOURSELF

2  Million eMail Address + FREE Bulk Mailer........... $199.00

5  Million eMail Address + FREE Bulk Mailers.......... $399.00

15 Million eMail Address + FREE Bulk Mailer........... $499.00
    (very fresh)


So if You or Your company are interested in advertising Your 
product or service, or if You just need a great deal more traffic 
at Your site, We can help.

Ordering Just Call US @ 
(800) 242-0363 EXT. 2427

Opt in Option: Get on Our Opt in List, and receive only one email 
a day from Us and Receive access to free programs and many other 
goodies for remaining on the list for 90 days !

Receive a listing of many freebie sites including one that gives 
You 15,000 free items like free     t-shirts, caps, free film and 
14,997 other nifty items absolutely free of charge. 

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