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Imagine if you could have "two of Microsoft's best Windows 
instructors" come to your business or home to train you on 
Microsoft's most popular software, including Windows, Office, 
Outlook and Works.  


ORDER up to three videos or CDs for just $9.99 each! (reg. $29.95 
each)*. To find out how go to: 

We even have a FREE PREVIEW of our products on the web site!

Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

We apologize if this email has caused any inconvenience!


WinStruct.com creates the videos and CDs that feature the 
Microsoft Product Managers who helped launch Windows and who 
trained over 100,000 Windows users world-wide! This unsurpassed 
experience results in training that the Chicago Tribune calls, 
"crisp, understandable and refreshingly short on jargon".

These are the very same products that Microsoft, IBM, Fidelity, 
the US Army and thousands of others use to train their employees 
and customers. Microsoft Press calls WinStruct products 
"effective, entertaining and way out in front of anything else in 
its category".

WinStruct's Top Quality Videos and CD's Include:

    Learn! Windows 98: Getting Started
    Learn! Windows 98: Beyond the Basics
    Learn! Windows 98: Advanced Internet & E-mail
    Learn! Windows 98: Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

    Learn! Windows 95: Getting Started
    Learn! Windows 95: Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
    Learn! Windows 95: Internet, E-mail, Faxing & More!

    Learn! Office 97: Word, Excel & PowerPoint
    Learn! Outlook 97: Getting Organized

    Learn! Office 2000 Getting Productive Series:
	Learn! Word 2000: Getting Productive
	Learn! Excel 2000: Getting Productive
	Learn! PowerPoint 2000: Getting Productive
	Learn! Outlook 2000: Getting Productive
	Learn! FrontPage 2000: Getting Productive

    Learn! Works 99: Getting Productive

Thanks for your interest.  We look forward to hearing from you!

 TO ORDER ON-LINE: www.winstruct.com/intro-offer,

Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back! 

*Special "intro-offer" pricing is limited to three items per 
customer. Prices are subject to change. Windows is a registered 
trademark of Microsoft Corp.. WinStruct is a registered trademark 
of WinStruct, Inc..
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