SAM-2: Definition of Target Identifier

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Fri Jun 4 16:01:03 PDT 1999

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I believe section 6 of SAM-2 rev 10 has an incorrect reference. At the top
of doc page 56:

"Argument descriptions:

	Target Identifier: Target device identifier defined in 4.9.2."

and from 4.9.2:

"A target identifies a task with a Task Identifier. The Task Identifier
object represents either a Tagged Task Identifier or an Untagged Task
Identifier without regard for the tagged or untagged nature of the Task. A
Tagged Task Identifier is composed of an Initiator Identifier (see 4.7.1), a
Logical Unit Identifier (see 4.8) and a Tag (see 4.9.1). An Untagged Task
Identifier is composed of an Initiator Identifier and a Logical Unit

It would appear to me that 4.9.2 does _not_ define any "Target device
identifier". Comments?

Joe Breher
Exabyte Corp

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