Issues with 99-179r1 "Hard Drive Self-Tests"

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Thu Jun 3 09:02:37 PDT 1999

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Thanks for all of the input that I've received on this proposal thus far.  I
might not make it by rev 2, but I think this input will go a long way to
keep from not having to get all the way to rev 10 (ha!).  I'm working on a
new draft that I think resolves most of the issues that have been
identified, including the qualification, "When stpi is cleared to zero the
device server shall not return the the percent of self-test completion in
the progress indication field."

A couple of folks have suggested that the list of commands to which the
device server shall respond while performing a self-test in the foreground
mode be reduced to INQUIRY, REQUEST SENSE, and possibly SEND DIAGNOSTICS
with the Abort self-test function code only.  I don't have any problem with
this, but I would like to receive some additional input.  After I get a
better feeling for a consensus on this issue, I'll complete the next rev and
get it posted to the T10 ftp site.

Please feel free to call or send an email to me with any additional
questions or comments that you might have about this.


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