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I do not recall 3 ns as the conclusion for the maximum time to go between
the two must detect voltages. I thought it was approximately 3.7 ns but
wonder what others came away from the signal quality working group with.
Also it was not that the receiver required the maximum it is more that the
budget does since at the receiver end (neglecting ISI mechanisms) the
receivers benefited from slower rise times.

The third bullet needs clarification. I think the receivers should simulate
with 1000 mV. The 800 mV was transmitter contribution prior to ringing.

Regarding the receiver mask, the 3 ns (or some other appropriate number) is
a maximum while the 1.25 ns number is a minimum.

What system test is being referred to?

I do not think the new Note 1 for Table A.1 will be clear to readers of the

I think the document should be titled approximate results as the figures
were reviewed in the meeting but I do not think the text was agreed to and
only partially reviewed. Never the less the document is a benefit to our


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