Packetized issues in SPI-3 r6

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Wed Jun 2 09:46:58 PDT 1999

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I just noticed a few things pertaining to packetized SCSI in rev 6 that I
don't think are quite right (I hope these can be
treated as editorial in nature):
1. Section lists four places where logical disconnects shall occur,
and two places where logical disconnects
shall not occur. The completion of a SPI L_Q information unit is in the
second list. What about the case where the
SPI L_Q type field is status, and the data length field is zero? According
to Table 40, "no SPI status information unit
shall follow the SPI L_Q information unit" in this case. I think that means
a logical disconnect is required at the end
of this L_Q packet.
2. I think the same case needs to be added to, the second list
describing when initiators may expect bus
3. The 32-bit IUCRC INTERVAL field in the L_Q packet definition allows for
an interval of 4 GB, but the 24-bit DATA
LENGTH field only allows information units to be 16 MB in length. Shouldn't
the IUCRC INTERVAL field be shortened
to 24 bits (by making byte 16 reserved)?
 -- Richard Moore
    QLogic Corp.
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