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General Action Items of the May 1999, FC-TAPE Joint AdHoc meeting
Stewart Wyatt, Hewlett Packard, FC-TAPE secretary

#1. Erich Oetting - Consider specifying the compression algorithm like the
supported density is specified.
#2. Bob Snively - Post concerns about TapeAlert to reflector. 
#3. Stewart Wyatt - Update connector proposal and present to SFF. Reply as
noted to Ed Grivna about including in T11.2 documents.

FC-TAPE action items for Dave Peterson unless noted:

#1. Change clause 2.2 References under development, FC-AL-2 should be
specified as (or instead of X3.272. 
#2. Make the changes to table 25 - SCSI Tape device commands. On page 3,
Mode Select, and page 39, Mode Sense, page code hex '02', and page 39 the
DOC column should read FCP-2. Fur-ther on page 39 the bits included in Mode
Sense page code hex '18' and '19' should have be placed in the Mode Select
#3. Clause 3.1 is to be eliminated and the other sections in clause 3
#4. Remove from clause 5.2 paragraph 3 the phrase "and address identifier".
#5. Dale LaFollette - Ask T11.3 plenary for public review of FC-TAPE. 

FCP-2 action items for Bob Snively unless noted:

#1. Bob Snively will review the ABTS changes in the FCP-2 draft with respect
to FC-PH. 
#2. Bob Snively and Bob Kembel create a list of the specific BLS and ELS
which are allowed before Login including explicit Login in an annex for
later placement in FC-FS.
#3 Jim Coomes will make a proposal to limit certain of the mode page bits to
private loop applica-tions. Jim will include a "private operations only"
mode bit in this proposal and modify the description of the existing mode
bits to consider the private only bit.
#4 Dave Peterson to write a proposal to carry the protocol for discovery to
be included in a to be determined standards document.
#5. Add a comment that in a class 3 non queuing environment, the exchange
status can be dis-carded after RR_TOV if another command is not received.
#6. Add the following note to clause 10.5, that if REC_TOV associated error
recovery is allowed, RR_TOV must be 3 times REC_TOV and always appropriate
to ADISC address discovery time.
#7. Check and repair references to ABT-LS for recovery. Place a note near
ABTS-LS recovery abort to clarify the changes made to ABT-LS.
#8. Add a note to clause1.10 FCP_RSP field length warning of the existence
of non-conforming devices issuing 12 byte length FCP_RSP.
#9. In clause 1.8, change the reference to a "technical report" to a
#10. In clause1.13, install Neil Wanamaker's proposed fix.
#11. In reference to clause 3.3, Mode page support for recovery, Bob is to
make a proposal about how a device indicates support for tape error recovery
support (SRR and REC) and enables this support. This proposal should be
posted to the reflector as soon as possible for the group to review and
comment on.

SSC Action Items:
#1. Dave Peterson will remove the references to extent reservation.
#2. Dave Peterson will add a text discussion be on non-immediate command
reporting using queuing.
#3. Dave Peterson will make the changes proposed by Carl Zeitler on page 44
of SSC rev 15, sec-ond paragraph, last sentence, change to "A check
condition caused by early termination shall not result in a negative
information field value". Another clarifying sentence should be added: "The
information field value shall be equal to the magnitude of the count field
minus the magnitude of the blocks, filemarks, or setmarks spaced over." Both
sentences need to be moved to the end of the of paragraph 1 on the same
#4. Dave Peterson will reject obsoleting the compression mode in the device
configuration table.
#5. Dave Peterson will add a table to describe the required results of
reading the default compres-sion code to include the four states, current,
changed, saved, default and what compression algo-rithm is returned in each.
#6. Dave Peterson will update the SSC to revision 17 with the changes agreed
to today. 
#7. Eric Oetting will request a letter ballot comment on revision 17 in the
T10 plenary this week. 

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