SAM-2 Revision 11

Ralph Weber ralphoweber at
Fri Jul 30 07:52:50 PDT 1999

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I have placed SAM-2 revision 1 on the FTP site in

   < >

Revision 11 contains all the material the working group discussed
regarding devices with multiple ports, including the definition of
a port identifier object mentioned during the waning minutes of the

Revision 11 contains all T10 approved proposals for changes in
SAM-2.  Additionally, I received several e-mail messages describing
editorial problems in SAM-2 and the changes resulting from those
messages are in revision 11.  Perhaps the most important of these
changes was moving the CDB LINK bit back to its SCSI-2 location
of bit 0 in the CONTROL byte.  (During the conversion from
WordPerfect to FrameMaker, the LINK bit incorrectly moved
|from bit 0 to bit 1.)



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