Updated FC-TAPE & DISK Connector w/8 channels

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> drives.  There are at least four separate connector mounting systems that
> have been worked out to allow the board to be in different locations,
> keeping the connector in a fixed location.

Are any of these connector mounting systems as space-efficient as directly
mounting the connector on the circuit board (as viewed from the drive's
perspective)? We are currently grazing volumetric limits in what can be
achieved in a 5.25", Half Height form factor. 

> The reason SCA-2 is a success is precisely that the drive connector is in
> a fixed location relative to key mounting holes.  Admittedly, tape drives

So it appears to me that you plan on connecting tape drives directly to a
backplane? Or are there other benefits of fixing the location of the
connector that I have not envisioned?

Joe Breher
Exabyte Corp.
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