Updated FC-TAPE & DISK Connector w/8 channels

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at EBay.Sun.COM
Tue Jul 27 12:36:08 PDT 1999

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As one of the companies that brought forward the SCA-2 connector system,
and as one of the primary authors of that technology, and as a major customer,
let me say that we have no intent of specifying where the circuit board 
is inside the drive form factor.

However, we have every intent of specifying EXACTLY where the connector is
with respect to the form factor, as we have done successfully for disk
drives.  There are at least four separate connector mounting systems that
have been worked out to allow the board to be in different locations, while
keeping the connector in a fixed location.

The reason SCA-2 is a success is precisely that the drive connector is in
a fixed location relative to key mounting holes.  Admittedly, tape drives
have one additional interesting dimension, the location of the bezel, but
that does not change the basic goals.

For 3.5" tape drives (if there are any such devices), the present
SCA-2 definitions for connector location relative to mounting holes should
be unchanged.

For other form factors, I plead with you, as customer and participant,
that you decide upon an appropriate general location on the tape drive
for each general form factor.  After having done so, create an
appropriate set of dimensions, and then FIX THEM.  Make them
immutable.  Never vary them.  Write them in granite or some other
material that will last at least 20 years.  Do not change them.


> Specifying the position of the connector on the back of a tape drive is
> something that we'd like to avoid.  That effectively requires specifying
> where a circuit board will be located in the drive, which is a design
> constraint we can't afford.  I believe that I discussed that with Stewart
> and that he felt the same way.  Stewart?
> Dal's message was right on:  we badly need customer input.

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