FC Tape Presentation of Media Auxiliary Memory

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Thanks Neil,

You are right there are similarities. The major difference is that ours is a
parameter based format with 'standard' definitions for the parameters. There
may well be an opportunity to converge here. Any comments Gerry/Gene? What
do you think about having standard commands for reading and writing
attributes? A log page would be OK by us, but we need to have a methodology
which will work in libraries and the log page format also restricts the
number of parameters available. As I mentioned, Dal suggested that having
Read/Write Attribute commands in SPC with the parameters defined per device
type would be better than using a log page and also would extend it's use to
media in a library rather than just devices.

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After Jerry Houlder's presentation:

6.3    Application Client Log Page proposal (99-180) [Houlder]

I asked Ralph Weber if he had seen your MAM presentation; it appeared to me
that the proposals were trying to do the same thing, and that some
coordination/consistency would be nice. He indicated that he was aware of
both (though I recall he had some problems with your page codes).

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