FC Tape Presentation of Media Auxiliary Memory

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Hi Gene,

Dal was the main guy pointing this out ... his thought was that a means of
storing and updating metadata for specifically, removable media, would be
useful (his example was, say, copyright protection information for DVD). 

My interest is specifically tape, and our intention is to allow the

- Give some standard commands to ISVs to store metadata in MAM which can
then be accessed by other users of that data. To this purpose we are using a
parameter based technique similar to log pages (which is the existing
proposal). Currently there is no standard to do this and thus ISVs are
reluctant to make use of MAM.

- Allow that information to be accessed in a library environment - the MAM
can be read directly from the cartridge in libraries. The existing proposal
uses an extention to the Read Element Status to allow this

Because of problems with the RES command and a feeling that this would be
useful across more than one device type, Dal suggested defining two new
commands, say READ ATTRIBUTE and WRITE ATTRIBUTE which would be useable in a
drive, but also would have an optional element address so the could be used
in a library. The parameters themselves would be device specific and defined
in, say, SSC.

We are currently writing up a new proposal and will bring it along to
FC-TAPE in August.


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<<Following the presentation, it was pointed out that other devices might
want to have the same facility and that it would be appropriate to create
some new commands in SPC to handle this function.>>

     I doubt it as far as disc devices are concerned. What are some
examples of new commands we would allegedly like that are not a different
way of doing what is already implemented in most drives? Since I did not
see the presentation this is a genuine, not rhetorical, question.


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