FCP-2 ELS Error Recovery

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I am reposting this as I did not see it come back earlier, sorry
if this is a duplicate.


It has been brought to my attention that the informative figures
in FCP-2 rev 02 C.13 and C.14 show E_D_TOV as the timeout to detect
the missing ELS or FC-4 ELS response.

In clause 10.2 it states that for an ELS or FC-4 ELS that
(2 * R_A_TOVels) is the minimum time it shall wait for the response.

In clause 11.5.1 ABTS, 11.5.2 REC, and 11.5.3 SRR they each state
that (2 * R_A_TOVels) to wait for the response.

With the current recommended default R_A_TOV of 10 seconds from the
FLOGI ACC this makes the detection at least 20+ seconds for a first
level ELS error and an additional 20 seconds for a second level
ELS response error.

Does anyone remember why FC-TAPE originally used E_D_TOV instead
of (2 * R_A_TOVels) for ELS response timeout??

Which is the correct timer for ELS responses??

Also, if (2 * R_A_TOVels) is the correct ELS timeout then the default
value recommended for ULP_TOV in Table 28 will be too short!

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