FC-TAPE meeting minutes, 13 July 1999, Colorado Springs, CO

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<<#1. Dale LaFollette - Ask T11.3 plenary for public review of FC-TAPE.
Approved, in process at ANSI.>>

     The official minutes should not confuse ANSI and NCITS. ANSI does not
conduct the public reviews. The above should be "... in process by NCITS."

<<HP has requested via a letter ballot comment that a footnote be included
in the SSC noting that, "Log page '0A' and inquiry page '84' are being
proposed for use by Media Aux-iliary Memory as noted in T10/99-148".>>

     Material in the standard should be less temporal. A construction such
as "NCITS T10 may add Log page 0Ah to a future version of this standard and
inquiry page 84h to a future version of SPC for use by Media Auxiliary
Memory. For information concerning future versions of these standards refer
to www.t10.org."

<<Ed Gardner noted it was a "religious" argument and that in the main frame
environment tapes are unloaded while in the PC environment they are.>>

     Are what?

<<The editor agreed to accept the text from consistency.>>


<<Its turnaround was too slow to turnaround to create multiple
errors which was a limitation in the testing.>>

     I assume "to turnaround" should be deleted.

Very detailed and helpful minutes (although they appeared to breakout into
ENDL mode in the latter portions). In the future it would be more readable
if the minutes could be produced without the hard hyphens. I suspect this
resulted from generating a pdf and using the pdf to generate the Email


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