FC-TAPE Connector proposal

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Mon Jul 12 10:52:49 PDT 1999

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Hi all,

This proposal as it now stands leaves 9 positions unspecified.  I suggest
that we give these positions either a reserved or some other function to
eliminate incompatibilities as folks dream up application specific uses that
would render the devices using this connector non-interoperable.  "Spare"
positions can be irresistably attractive for point solutions.  One such use
for these presently unspecified positions could be for an additional pair of
duplex FC ports to enable  parallel or multiple serial paths into the
device.  That would consume 8 of the 9 positions.  Of course there could be
other uses.  Any ideas?

At a minimum the basic electrical function should be specified so that
devices are not damaged by unexpected electrical stresses.

Cheers, Bill
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> Attached is the latest revision of the Fibre Channel tape proposal. It
> will be discussed at the July SFF meetings. A report will be provided to
> the Joint T10/T11 AdHoc meeting in August of the SFF actions.
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