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Tape enthusiasts:

Please note that the time of the AdHoc tape meeting has been moved up for
the meeting on July 13 in Colorado Springs! It was originally scheduled to
start in the afternoon. It is now scheduled to start at 9AM. I have changed
my flight plans and was able to get a room Monday night at the Double Tree
in order to arrive on time. 

An apolgy to Ed Gardner for misspelling his name and to Paul Suhler for
failing to note his concern about the 12 Volt current capability of the
connector proposal in the minutes.

Here are the action items

Stewart Wyatt, Hewlett Packard, FC-TAPE Secretary

General action items

#1. Erich Oetting - Consider specifying the compression algorithm like the
supported density algorithm is specified.
#2. Bob Snively - Resolve TaleAlert discussions. 
#3. Stewart Wyatt - Complete FC-TAPE connector proposal for SFF review next
month. Reply as noted to Ed Grivna about including in T11.2 documents.

FC-TAPE action items.

#1. Dale LaFollette - Ask T11.3 plenary for public review of FC-TAPE. 

FCP-2 action items for Bob Snively unless noted:

#1. Bob Snively will review the ABTS changes in the FCP-2 draft with respect
to FC-PH. 
#2. Bob Snively and Bob Kembel create a list of the specific BLS and ELS
which are allowed before Login including explicit Login in an annex for
later placement in FC-FS.
#3 Bob Snively will incorporate Jim Coomes proposal on changes to mode page
19 into the next draft of the FCP-2.
#4 Bob Snively will incorporate Dave Peterson' proposal for discovery
protocol into an informa-tive annex in the FCP-2.
#5. Add a comment that in a class 3 non queuing environment, the exchange
status can be dis-carded after RR_TOV if another command is not received.
#6. Add the following note to clause 10.5, that if REC_TOV associated error
recovery is allowed, RR_TOV must be 3 times REC_TOV and always appropriate
to ADISC address discovery time.
#7. Check and repair references to ABT-LS for recovery. Place a note near
ABTS-LS recovery abort to clarify the changes made to ABT-LS.
#8. Add a note to clause1.10 FCP_RSP field length warning of the existence
of non-conforming devices issuing 12 byte length FCP_RSP.
#9. In clause 1.8, change the reference to a "technical report" to a
#10. In clause1.13, install Neil Wanamaker's proposed fix.
#11. In reference to clause 3.3, Mode page support for recovery, Bob is to
make a proposal about how a device indicates support for tape error recovery
support (SRR and REC) and enables this support. This proposal should be
posted to the reflector as soon as possible for the group to review and
comment on.

SSC Action Items:

1. Stewart Wyatt and/or Ian Crighton will make a presentation for inclusion
of Media Auxiliary Memory (T10/99-148r1) in the SSC at next month's meeting.
HP will create a letter ballot com-ment proposing the changes. (Note that
the presentation will be made by Steve Jerman instead of Ian)

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