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Subject:  SMC Question: Ejecting a Magazine

In a number of tape drives with autoloaders, all of the storage elements
reside in an ejectable magazine.  There appears to be no way within the
spec to eject a magazine, since there's no way to name an object that's a
collection of storage elements.  I can imagine various hacks to do the

 - Load/Unload to Changer's LUN.  Objection:  This isn't an SMC command.
If it were, addressing the magazine would have to be implicit, making its
use in a tape library unclear.  It would be ambiguous in an attached medium
changer (LUN 0).

 - Move Medium from DTE or SE to I/E Element.  Objection:  This command
properly specifies moving one volume, not a collection of volumes.

Neither of these is very satisfactory.  Can anyone suggest a reasonable, or
at least widely accepted, mechanism?



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