Revised SPI-3 Agenda for January 26-27

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Since the last posting, I've deleted a couple items (one from Louis
Grantham on modifying the SE terminator specifications and one from Duncan
Penman on InterSymbol Interference that was previously completed).  I've
also added item 4.17 on SDTR/WDTR interaction with PPR. -- John

Draft Agenda - SPI-3 Working Group Meeting
January 26-27, 1999 -- Monterey, CA

1.	Opening Remarks
2.	Approval of Agenda
3.	Attendance and Membership
4.	SPI-3 Topics
4.1		Cable Testing Requirements (98-219r1) [Daggett] {Tuesday morning}
4.2		Staged Contact Resistance (98-240r0) [Herrmann]
4.3		Load Compensation (98-238r0) [Novak]
4.4		Setup and Hold Time Measurements (99-107r0) [Penman]
4.5		Packetized SCSI Issue (98-237r0) [Sippy]
4.6		QA and Glitch Filters (98-239r0) [Leshay]
4.7		Timing Specification on ATN during synchronous transfers (reflector
messages) [Galloway/Milligan]
4.8		DIFFSENS Timing on bus mode changes (reflector messages) [Galloway]
4.9		Signal Margining {Tuesday afternoon}
4.10		Echo Mode for READ and WRITE BUFFER (98-184r4) [Lamers]
4.11		Unexpected Bus Free Timeout Function (99-102) [Lamers]
4.12		Proposed Domain Validation Annex (98-235r1) [Lohmeyer]
4.13		Physical Testing Results {Wednesday morning}
4.14		Message Information Unit Definition (99-104) [Penokie]
4.15		Review of SPI-3 Rev 2 [Penokie] {Wednesday afternoon}
4.15.1			30 mV vs. 60 mV in figures 44 and 45 (reflector messages) [Galloway]
4.15.2			"May not" clarifications in SPI-3 (98-246) [Elliott]
4.16		Removing SCAM from SPI-3 (98-244) [Elliott]
4.17		Clarification of interaction of SDTR/WDTR message with PPR message
(99-108r0) [Lohmeyer]
5.	Meeting Schedule
6.	Adjournment

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