Termination for non-payment of fees

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Tue Feb 23 10:10:59 PST 1999

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Judy Gales, NCITS Membership Coordinator, has sent me a list of 51 people
who have not paid their 1999 fees for T10 membership.  If your name is on
this list, I am not allowed to let you vote at the March T10 meeting unless
you pay your fees before then.

I am only the messenger; please contact Judy Gales if you think there has
been an error regarding your payment:

        Name: Ms. Judy Gales
Organization: ITI (NCITS Secretariat)
    Address1: 1250 Eye St. NW
    Address2: Suite 200
    Address3: Washington, DC 20005-3922
       Phone: (202) 626-5741
         Fax: (202) 638-4922
       Email: jgales at itic.org

The people identified as not having paid their 1999 T10 fees are:

Organization                   Name                            T10 Status
------------------------------ ------------------------------- ----------
Acard Technology Corp.         Mr. Daniel Weng                 O
ADIC                           Mr. Erik Falk                   O
Advansys                       Mr. Robert Frey                 O
Advansys                       Mr. Martin L. Sodos             O
AMP, Inc.                      Mr. Scott Lindstrom             P
AMP, Inc.                      Mr. Hank Herrmann               O
Apple Computer                 Mr. Harlan Andrews              P
Berg Electronics               Mr. Bill Northey                A#
Bull H.N. Italia               Mr. Giorgio Bisaschi            O
Calluna Technology Ltd.        Mr. David Ruxton                O
CMD Technology                 Mr. Edward Haske                P
Dallas Semiconductor           Mr. Charles Tashbook            P
Data General / Clariion        Mr. Greg McSorley               P
Distributed Processing Tech.   Mr. Roger Cummings              P
FCPA Intellistor (Fujitsu)     Mr. Mark Hammang                A
Fujitsu Computer Products,Am   Mr. Kevin R. Pokorney           O
Fujitsu Europe Ltd.            Mr. Salim Mehta                 O
Fujitsu Ltd.                   Mr. Mike Nelson                 T
Harting, Inc. of N. America    Mr. Marcos Barrionuevo          P
Hewlett Packard Co.            Mr. Brad Culp                   O
Hitachi Cable Manchester,Inc   Mr. Zane Daggett                P
Iomega Corp.                   Mr. Tim Bradshaw                P
Iomega Corporation             Mr. David L. Jolley             A#
KnowledgeTek, Inc.             Mr. Dennis Moore                P
Lasercard Systems Corp.        Mr. Hayden Smith                P
Maxtor Corp.                   Mr. Charley Riegger             O
Microsoft                      Mr. George Chrysanthakopoulus   O
Microsoft                      Mr. Devon Worrell               O
NEC Systems Laboratory Inc.    Mr. Chris Smith                 O
Oak Technology, Inc.           Mr. Robin Freeze                O
Ophidian Designs               Mr. Edward A. Gardner           P
Overland Data Inc.             Mr. Dan Davies                  O
Panasonic Technologies, Inc    Mr. Han Zou                     O
QLogic Corp.                   Mr. Hue Nguyen                  A#
QLogic Corp.                   Mr. Dean Wallace                A#
Quantum Corp.                  Mr. Mark Evans                  P
Quantum Corp.                  Mr. James McGrath               A#
Seagate Technology             Mr. Michael Bryan               O
Seus, Inc.                     Mr. Bill Gintz                  V
SGS-Thomson/INMOS              Dr. Colin Whitby-Strevens       O
Siemens Nixdorf                Mr. Erhard Weiss                O
Sun Microsystems Computer Co   Mr. Robert N. Snively           P
SyQuest Technology, Inc.       Mr. Patrick Mercer              P
TEAC America                   Ms Yang Jiao                    O
Texas Instruments              Mr. Alan Wetzel                 O
Texas Instruments, Inc.        Mr. Kevin Gingerich             O
Thomas & Betts                 Mr. Steven Walker               O
UNISYS Corporation             Mr. Kenneth J. Hallam           P
UNISYS Corporation             Mr. Dave Wehrman                O
Western Digital Corporation    Mr. Jeffrey L. Williams         P
Xiotech Corporation            Mr. Michael Chalgren            O

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